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Minimalism with a dash of personality

Minimalism is not a design aesthetic, it is a way of life. It is about the peace that you feel within, embodying simplicity. The same philosophy percolates into designing our spaces. If we personify the minimalist aesthetics that has won over our simple hearts, we can imagine it as a serene person, clad in soft linen, creating a zen experience with their peaceful aura. If you chose to read this, you are most probably an aspiring minimalist. It maybe the time to ask yourself how much you are enjoying it for real. The pressure of being ideal or being painfully consistent is inevitable because our minds are more complex than we realize. In terms of design styles, despite the love for simple, we do get occasionally attracted to the drama of maximalism, the freedom of the bohemian spirit, the theatrical charm of art deco or the luxury of the glam world. We do not have to live in a world of black and white, it is acceptable and advisable to stray a little and add little touches of what makes you happy too. Trust me, you might be married to bare minimalism but this does not count as an extra-marital affair. There are infinite ways to make your space feel alive and personal. Let us start with a few mantras that would make a considerable difference. Go, get that unique attention seeker

This is the opportunity to satisfy your guilty pleasures. Add something absolutely unique, like a fingerprint that defines your space. This would be your attention seeker or popularly known as your conversation starter. Think big. Think upcycled. Think unexpected. It could be a piece of furniture or wall decor or an accent or even furnishings. This is where the small businesses might come to your rescue, they all strive to create something new, to not get stuck in the vicious cycle of market trends. The uniqueness would treat you to a sense of luxury and avant-garde.

Reintroduce yourself to nature

Minimalism does not mean stripping everything that has no tangible function. A plant is not ornamental, the effects are not tangible but it is the best way to add life to your space, literally. If you have a black thumb, it is best to learn which plants can survive your neglect as much as possible. I am guilty of being a plant serial killer but with time, some become your soul mates for life. It is also high time for sustainability, it is not a fad, it is the need of the hour. It is extremely difficult to make the complete switch but start somewhere, one element can be your inspiration for the next. You get an added benefit of the beauty of an organic space.

Embrace the cosy

If you do not gravitate towards bohemian design aesthetic, that is no problem, it does not have sole rights over cosiness and warmth. You can have a minimal space with soft furnishings that feel like a warm hug. If your furnishings are the only attention seekers in your room, go wild, otherwise keep them neutral and add layers of different textures. The tactile experience is an excellent catalyst for warmth and life in your space.

Bring back a souvenir from your past

Let your yesterday feel proud. We were never born as minimalists, we have all enjoyed a myriad of colors, possessions and all things pretty and that is no crime that needs to stay buried in the past. It does not have to be the real possessions that need to be forcibly styled in your space. It could be postcards of the places you have visited or simple illustrations of simple things like the rangoli made by your grandmother, the banana leaves reserved for special occasions or the beloved Tulasi plant that graced your courtyard. Consider it as a letter from your past to your current self.

Represent your current self

Bare your soul and do not hesitate to proudly exhibit what brings out the sparkle in your eyes. Your minimalist space is the perfect canvas to paint it with your passions and interests. If you read, let your walls read to you. If you paint, let the art speak for itself. If you dance or play sports or worship the world of cinema or anything that excites you like an innocent child, make your space say it. It is not clutter, it has a function, it has a function of keeping your fire ignited.

Now that you are hopefully convinced to add character to your minimalist home, please do not forget to take it slow and cherish the process. Rome was not built in a day, so why should be your home? Pardon the cheesy rhyme, it is an occupational hazard.


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