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Notes for a wildflower
  • Notes for a wildflower

    A woman is an exquisite creature that has been the muse of many a poet for centuries. Her mind, her mannerisms and her emotions are all so unique, yet so simple to understand if we care to look the right way. Here is an opportunity to show your respect for all the elegant women in your life who deserve to be seen as the carefree modern wildflowers of the world. Gift them this classy poetic notebook and watch the wildflower blossom.

    • Notebook dimensions: A5
      Front cover: A quote by Alphacious about an elegant powerful woman
      Back Cover: A poem called "Call me a wildflower" by Alphacious

    • Call me a wildflower 

      You can call me a wildflower,
      intended to be untended and untamed,
      a little delicate and a lot more wild.
      I am a riser, I grow, I blossom.
      I just smile at the blaring sun unfazed.
      The whisperings of the breeze 
      has me sway and dance with abandon,
      to the promise of a new spring.
      I am no exquisite rose and no weed,
      I just do not belong in a fenced garden.
      I hear you, my dearest nightingale,
      sing to me the tales of all my dears, 
      of the other kinds of wildflowers, 
      of their hearts worn on their sleeves,
      of the flowers tucked behind their ears.
      It is true that the wild attracts the wild.
      With the wet grass kissing my feet,
      and its petrichor accenting my scent,
      I was discovered by another wildflower,
      who connected with me in a heartbeat.
      I was picked over the roses and the lilies,
      the tulips, the orchids and the daffodils,
      for she saw her own carefree soul in me.
      I am in her little bouquet of wildflowers,
      dancing with her on the spring-kissed hills.


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