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The Majestic Ox
  • The Majestic Ox

    This beauty is a tribute to a unique long-standing tradition in a few southern states of India practiced during Sankranti. Every household is treated to the amusing spectacle of a wonderfully decorated ox at their doorstep waiting to be showered with gifts and grains. Their antics are accompanied by a celebratory nadaswaram played by the owner. This exciting tradition is what makes Sankranti special and complete for most of us.Grace your walls with what truly belongs to you and proudly display your love for your traditions and your roots. Add the alphacious touch and make your walls mirror you. 
    • Please select the frame colour, artwork variant & quote to accompany the artwork.

    • Behold the grandeur of the majestic horns,
      bedecked and bejeweled beyond pride.

      Behold the regalia of the gifted garments,
      befitting the elegance of the dignified stride.
      Behold the divine spectacle on your street,
      with a celebratory nadaswaram on the side.

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    ₹1,899.00Sale Price
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