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The Speaking Wreath
  • The Speaking Wreath

    Love is a strange phenomenon, it has its ways of transcending from being a flirty casual word to thoroughly intense passions, it also has a way to be secretly wrapped in everyday affections or shouted at the top of the lungs in the most dramatic ways. Whatever that love maybe, for your special one, family, friends or your hobbies, you are fortunate to feel it. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and it is special everytime.

    Whether you belong to the school of expressive love or hidden love, we have something for you. This artwork will make your cozy nooks even more romantic and be a part of the special moments.

    • - Her affections swayed and danced in oblivion, in a trance, with their feet barely resting on the cold earth.

      - He was lost for words, he needed more, maybe, a mindreader, or a crystal ball for baring his passionate soul.

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    ₹1,599.00Sale Price
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