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The tropical girl
  • The tropical girl

    Tropical girls in the house, raise your hands! We are tropical girls with tropical dreams, we dream to be one with the sun, the sea and the trees of paradise. Let's reverse time and become tropical queens once again with those majestic coconut leaf crowns. Let's enter the paradise and be connected to it in an inseperable way.


    This beautiful artwork would look perfect in your plant corner or even your living room if you are into calm and personal living spaces.


    • The Trees of Paradise

      With sand between my toes
      and the wind ruffling my lush tresses,
      I stare at the distant trees of paradise.
      I walk on the wet side of the shore
      with crashing waves kissing my feet,
      inviting me back into its cool embrace.
      I am the child of the sea,
      the wild sea that whispers to me
      in the language of my soul.
      She tells me that I am rooted there,
      like those trees of the paradise,
      swaying uninhibited but still rooted.
      They are exotic, yet so simple,
      with striking features but an innocent vibe.
      I match them in spirit and identity,
      for they are where I always belong.
      I am a tropical girl with tropical dreams,
      who wants to stand tall in deep waters,
      feel the ironic peace in the gusty winds
      and leave footprints in the sands of time.

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    ₹1,899.00Sale Price
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