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Jhumka stories
  • Jhumka stories

    This is for the modern woman of today who is not afraid to shine and stand out in the crowd. She is a head turner, she shocks you with her wit, she shocks you with her nerves of steel. Do not be dazzled by those beautiful jewels and calm demeanor, she adds to their sparkle with confidence.


    This is a beautiful wall art that reflects your love for beautiful jewelry. It would look perfect in the cozy corners of your nest, especially in the vanity area.


    • Please select one of the below quotes to accompany the artwork.

    • - Bedecked and bejeweled, she carries her style with a dash of confidence.

      - She adds a little sparkle of her own to the sheen of her jewels.

      - She wears her confidence with such elan that redefines beauty in the truest sense.

      - She shines with such brilliance of an ethereal goddess that blinds the mere mortals.

    ₹2,499.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,899.00Sale Price
    Frame Colour
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