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The Banana Leaf wisdom
  • The Banana Leaf wisdom

    If there is something that is most lovable about traditions and festivities for a south indian, it is the sight of a scrumptious feast laid lovingly on a banana leaf. The leaf takes us back to the nostalgic camaraderie of our cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. If it wasn't for the playful stealing of 'payasam' from your sibling's leaf, the feast couldn't have tasted better. A meal never felt more enriching and comforting, it was nature's way of connecting with us.


    You still can stay close to your roots by bringing this wall art to your dining space. It will make for a perfect conversation starter and a pretty good reminder of the good times.


    • Please select one of the below quotes to accompany the artwork.

    • - Invite nature into your palate and your soul.

      - The tradition that enriches your soul and your senses.

      - Unfold the secret to the best soul nourishing meals.

      - The best kind of plate for a soul lifting palate.

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